BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG

Rubber and plastics industry

Innovative solutions and products, which form the basis for a variety of industrial sectors. This is what the machinery of the rubber and plastics industry stands for. BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG will ensure that your machinery will perform to the highest standards in the rubber and plastics industry, even in the future.

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Multiple gearbox building services

Our range of services includes manufacturing special gearboxes, maintenance, repairs and modernisation, for example for:

  • Extruder gearboxes
  • Calender and rolling mill gearboxes
  • Mixer, kneader and conditioner drives

We can reconstruct or strengthen the products you use on demand, and at your request, to improve lifetime and operational safety. The brand of the product does not matter here. We develop and manufacture regardless of the original manufacturer of the gearbox. You can find a variety of types and products from the rubber and plastic industry under 'References'. However, this is only a selection of types and products. We would also be happy to send you a special image reference list for this sector. Give us a call or email us at kunden(at)

High-quality solutions for high-quality claims

Gearbox technology must bear extremely high loads in the rubber and plastics sector. The output shaft bearings and the exact allocation of the output shaft take special priority here. A very high power density in a very small space is also required. 

Whether the gearboxes are for foil drawing machines, for plastic kneaders or for stretching equipment, whether they are extruder or calender gearboxes - we always develop, construct, produce and assemble in accordance with the highest quality standards. Our employees will tailor the gearbox to perfectly meet the demands of your system, and will ensure that the gearbox works with high energy efficiency. 

This applies both to working standard gearboxes and manufacturing special gearboxes. If standard or series gearboxes do not meet your requirements, we will be happy to take on the challenge and create a drive solution tailored to fit your rubber or plastics machinery. Thanks to our flexible construction and manufacturing possibilities, we are in a position to create any kind of special gearbox, such as:


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  • Reconstruction for gearbox models which are no longer available
  • Modifying standard ranges
  • Building new gearboxes with identical connection dimensions
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Gearbox repairs and overhauls for the rubber and plastics industry

Has bearing damage caused an emergency situation with your gearbox? Have you discovered increased wear and tear on your drive? Whatever influences the smooth functioning of your plastic or rubber machinery – BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG will find the cause and deal with the errors in a professional manner. 

We are available round the clock to deal with gearbox emergencies, and will carry out a damage analysis on-site and professional repairs. We make sure to keep interruptions to your work as short as possible, so that production will soon be up and running again.

Our services in the field of gearbox overhaul and repair at a glance:

  • Amendments
  • Exchange gearboxes and gearbox replacement parts
  • Disassembly and cleaning
  • Damage and weak point analyses
  • Modifications on demand and technical improvements
  • Function test run and special test runs if required
  • Gearbox maintenance

Embossing equipment, mixing gearboxes or milling gearboxes, emergency repairs or manufacturing special gearboxes – you can trust in the gearbox technology of BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG!