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Gearboxes for the sector renewable energies

You can find various repairs for gearboxes from thermal power plants (e.g. material grinding, transportation systems) under the stone and earth sector. On the other hand, our turbo gearbox services have their own category. 

In this sector of the energy industry, we focus on gearboxes for hydro and wind power plants. We repair and optimise gearboxes by all manufacturers, and have a variety of exchange gearboxes or major components in stock. Avoid long interruptions of your system with our service: You can replace your wind power plant gearbox with our exchange gearbox in one operation, and you only have to bear the reconditioning your previous, dismantled gearbox! 

Moreover, we offer you services such as overhaul and emergency repairs. If your gearbox breaks down, or there is a hydro power plant defect, we will be there for you, and we will ensure that your plant will soon be ready for use again.

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Exchange and reserve gearboxes for the emergency

Plants for generating wind energy can only work in an economical manner when they work efficiently and reach maximum efficiency. A plant breakdown due to gearbox damage should therefore be kept as short as possible. The same applies for the total costs of gearbox replacement, which can become very high due to cost-intensive crane use. 

BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG can offer you a high-quality technical solution which also saves costs. We have a large number of exchange gearboxes for wind power stations in our warehouse, and can quickly provide you with a gearbox that fits your specifications exactly. The defective gearbox will be removed and the exchange gearbox installed in one process, so that using the exchange gearbox will cost considerably less time and money than a conventional repair. As well as the costs for the assignment, you will only have to pay the repair costs for your defective gearbox. 

For example, we have the following exchange gearboxes in stock for wind power plants:

  • Vestas V80, V66 (with RS), V52, V47, V44, V42, V39, V27, V25
  • AN Bonus 1300, 600, 450, 150
  • Fuhrländer MD77, Fl1000
  • Nordex N60, N54, N43 (with RS), N29/27
  • Südwind S70/S77, S46 (with RS)
  • Repower MD77, HSW1000, HSW250
  • GE1,5, Tacke TW600(e), TW300
  • Windworld 5200, 4100, 2700
  • NEG Micon NM60, NM48, Micon M1500 (with RS)
  • Nordtank NTK500 (with RS), NTK150 (with RS)
  • GET41, o.a. and parts f. D6, Jacobs, ...

As mentioned above, this is only a small sample of what we have to offer. We have even more brands in our warehouse. Just call us and tell us for which gearbox you need an economic solution.

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Gearbox repairs for wind and hydro power

We have extensive experience in the field of building gearboxes, and will repair gearboxes of any type for you. Neither the year of construction, the brand or the manufacturer matter. It also does not matter if the gearbox is no longer available. Thanks to our extensive technical knowledge, we can reconstruct and produce all the components needed for gearbox repairs, with the help of drawings made by us. 

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Before each repair, we carry out a detailed damage analysis, which we use to systematically record the damage:

Before each repair, we carry out a detailed damage analysis, which we use to systematically record the damage:

  • Gearbox element disassembly / cleaning
  • Damage analysis for all gearbox parts
  • Recording defective parts
  • Determining toothing geometry and raw materials

Using knowledge of the confirmed damage, we will create a repair quotation for you. 


After the repair work has been done, the gearbox will be tested, and put through several test runs. You'll receive a gearbox that functions just as good as new, and fulfils your requirements for a smooth function and perfect performance. 

Would you like to be persuaded by our flexibility with regards to exchange gearboxes, repairs or emergency repairs for the energy industry? Then use our contact form or get in touch with us.