BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG

Metals, Iron and Steel

As a specialist in industrial gearboxes, we will take care of the construction of special gearboxes and repairing gearboxes from the metal sector, e.g. from the steel and iron industry, or metal processing. We do our job regardless of manufacturer or model series, and carry out repairs, construction of new gearboxes and much more for the following fields:

  • Conveyor and crane systems
  • Pumps, compressors and fans
  • Rolling lines, reels and shears
  • Wire draw systems, pickling lines and straighteners
  • Unbalance gear boxes, draw benches
  • ...and many more

Under 'References', you'll find a variety of types and brands from the metal industry. If you would like any more information, we'd be happy to send you a special image reference list for this sector. Give us a call or email us at kunden(at) We would be happy to help you with a solution for your particular gearbox.

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Gearbox solutions for all levels of the manufacturing process

Gearboxes in the metal industry – these are often associated with extreme conditions, e.g. in rolling lines or for strand casting. High temperatures and long operating periods result in extremely high performance requirements for gearboxes. A stable drive is therefore the fundamental requirement, firstly for keeping breakdowns as rare as possible, and secondly for aiming for flawless metal processing and / or treatment. 

With BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG, you'll have a highly experienced and reliable partner for gearbox overhauls, and building special gearboxes for the metal industry. We have previously carried out several jobs in this field, and thanks to our extensive technical know-how, we can repair gearboxes regardless of manufacturer, and / or reconstruct gearbox components if necessary. 

Coiling gearboxes or distributor gearboxes, drawing presses or bending machines - we will offer you a reliable, long-lived gearbox solution for all process levels in the metal industry.

Your specialist for repairs, no matter what manufacturer

Our service in the field of gearbox repairs involves both repairs and collection and delivery. We will also take care of disassembling and assembling gearboxes on your premises if desired. 

As an experienced specialist in gearbox overhauls, we can always offer you reliable, flexible and professional repairs. Your gearbox will be as good as new, and we will test its function and performance capability in several test runs. The Overhaul will only be complete when the gearbox completely fulfils your specific requirements for metal processing or treatment. At BRAUER, gearbox overhauls will always be carried out based on a detailed damage examination:

  • Complete disassembly of the gearbox
  • Cleaning all parts
  • Analysing the gearbox elements
  • Recording defective parts
  • Determining gear geometry / raw materials

We can create a concrete repair work quotation with the help of the damage analysis. The repairing is concluded with a test run, including a documentation.

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Building special gearboxes for numerous sectors of the metal industry

You will have a professional contact in BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG, even for your specific requirements with regards to building new gearboxes. We possess the necessary knowledge and equipment for building your special gearbox, which will meet the performance requirements of your metal industry machinery exactly. 

Thanks to our flexible construction and manufacturing possibilities, aspects such as the manufacturer, model or type of the gearbox are a minor detail. We create drawings for all gearbox components required ourselves, and make the parts accordingly. You do not even have to provide us with any documentation for building special gearboxes. 

Special gearboxes for the metal industry – BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG can give you state-of-the-art, long-lived and efficient gearboxes which will guarantee that your systems function safely for many years. 

From professional gearbox overhaul to the perfect solution as a special gearbox – we are the right partner for complex gearbox requirements in the metal industry. Get in touch!