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Paper and pulp industry

As well as gearbox repairs, we can also offer you an extensive pool of replacement parts for many fields of application in the paper and pulp industry. We can deliver both complete gearboxes and reserve sets of wheels to you quikly. Ask us about individual cases. We process gearboxes for many kinds of machinery, including:

  • Debarking drums, conveyor systems
  • Sanders, refiners, cloth pumps
  • Vat mixers, dissolvers, vacuum pumps
  • Suction and pressing rolls
  • Cylinders and frames
  • Winding heads for roll cutters (Goebel, Beloit, ...)

We will also take care of gearbox modifications for you, it means for example all work on the mechanical drives for your paper machinery in order to increase speed and / or performance. These range from conventional longitudinal drives in cardboard machines to guiding roller drives in fine paper machines. 

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A wide variety of gearbox types and brands

You can find a wide variety of gearbox types and brands from the paper and pulp industry under 'References'. We would also be happy to send you a special image reference list. Call us or drop us a line at kunden(at)

Gearbox replacement parts – from wheel sets to complete gearboxes

Due to high stresses, the toothing parts of machines in the paper and pulp industry are subject to a high level of wear and tear. This wear and tear eventually leads to a defect, and a replacement being required. 

BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG will ensure that if this happens to you, you will quickly receive the part you need, thereby reducing machine down time to a minimum. Avoid long delivery times and intensive prices for manufacturing new parts – we have a wide range of replacement parts for paper industry gearboxes in our warehouse, and can guarantee you a short repair time as a result. 

This also applies to requests for complete gearboxes. In this case, we can also ensure that your production and processing will run quickly again, at the required performance levels, thanks to a large pool of replacement parts.

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Gearbox modifications – increasing efficiency for paper industry gearboxes

Do altered framework conditions mean that your gearbox needs a greater performance capacity? You will not immediately need to rush out and buy a new gearbox. Performance capacity can also be raised by often of an upgrade. As an experienced services provider in the field of building gearboxes, BRAUER are also the right choice for you in this regard. 

We optimise existing constructions, regardless of gearbox type or manufacturer, bringing the drive up to a state-of-the-art technological condition at the same time. For this reason, we greatly value tailor-made solutions - solutions which will fulfil all your gearbox requirements in the paper industry. 

BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG can offer you all gearbox services in one place, and combines speed with precision. Interested? Then contact us!