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Special gearboxes

We can construct and build special gearboxes for industrial use at your request. Gearboxes are often requested as reconstructions for model series which are no longer available, and manufactured with modifications to their performance, rate of rotation and torque value, due to changes in demand. However, our range of offers also includes building new gearboxes with identical connection dimensions and the same performance data, be they replacements for defective gearboxes or additional reverse positions.

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When the standard gearbox is not enough

Function safety, high product durability, a long lifespan, economy or a higher level of energy efficiency - there are many reasons for creating a special solution in the field of drive technology. And last but not least, tougher competition also plays a part where tailor-made gearboxes are concerned. 

Standard products are often not enough when it comes to specific requirements. They usually only fulfil the bare minimum of requirements, and standard construction is often just completely unsuitable for carrying out the desired functions. Therefore, the manufacture of special gearboxes is often required as the systems or machines have to provide a maximum performance. 

Our experts in the development and manufacture of gearboxes are the right people to call whenever the standard is not enough, or the series gearbox is reaching its limit. Challenging concepts for prototypes, or individual gearboxes – BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG will offer you a tailor-made solution which fulfils all your requirements.

Special gearboxes for all industries

We develop special gearboxes for a wide variety of uses in industry, and place a high value on precision and optimal performance. Special gearboxes we have manufactured include:

  • Helical gearboxes 
  • Worm gear 
  • Bevel gear 
  • Planetary gear

There are also other possible combinations, depending on how the application requirements are set out. We connect various types of toothings and gearbox types, so that you will receive the exact gearbox that matches your desired performance and function requirements. Areas of use range through nearly all industries, including:

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Flexible manufacturing and construction opportunities

BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG will provide you with a wide range of flexible manufacturing and construction opportunities, where exceptional, challenging, customer-specific products will be professionally created. For cranes and turbines as well as ships, rolling mills, conveyor belt systems, and many other areas.

We will rise to your gearbox challenge

Whether you need more efficiency or would like to increase availability, whether you need a solution for extreme environmental conditions or the modernisation of components is a decisive factor for special gearbox manufacturing - our experts in individual gearbox solutions will take on your challenges, no matter how complex the ideas. Naturally, we will also strive to meet the rising demands for materials, wear and tear, and gearbox life expectancy. 

Sometimes, a modification of a standard range is enough for special gearbox manufacture, and a completely new development is sometimes required - we always check each case to see which of these options offers the best solution. Thanks to our many years of experience in developing and manufacturing special gearboxes, we can put almost any variety of drive into practice. We will work on a drive type specifically tailored solution to meet your gearbox requirements in close conjunction with you.

Special gearboxes, from ideas to assembly to inspection

BRAUER will give you everything you need in one place with regards to specialist gearboxes:

  • Idea development 
  • Construction 
  • Production 
  • Assembly 
  • Quality planning 
  • Testing / test sequences 
  • Start-up 

Whether it is a special gearbox based on a standard gearbox, or a completely new specialist product - we will be with you every step of the way, from developing ideas to manufacturing and inspection, and will manufacture everything in accordance with your needs. 

To give you an impression of how we work when an order has been placed for the construction of a specific gearbox, here is a brief overview of the individual steps:

  1. Check: Is a special gearbox with modifications of existing gearboxes a feasible prospect? 
  2. If no: Develop a specific special gearbox, optimised for the individual area of use 
  3. We use state-of-the-art engineering tools to develop a special gearbox in keeping with your precise needs. 
  4. Quality assurance: Validation with professional testing equipment and measuring systems 

We even build new gearboxes in the form of reconstructions of model series which are no longer available. Naturally, each special gearbox is constructed and manufactured in accordance with current technology.

Special gearbox manufacturing – highly precise drive technology by BRAUER

The solutions for developing a gearbox which meets customer specifications exactly are just as diverse as the gearbox challenges. We will put whatever you require with regards to the function and performance of the special gearbox into practice, and meet your needs down to the tiniest detail. 

BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG will develop durable, state-of-the-art special gearboxes for you which will perform to the highest standards throughout their entire lifespan. We have previously successfully manufactured specialist gearboxes for a wide variety of industries, thereby ensuring safe, sustainable functionality for systems and machines. 

We are also happy to take on any challenge to develop a special gearbox for you. Call us or email us. For sure we will find the perfect gearbox solution for you.