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Our services are not restricted to a certain selection of brands. Thanks to our many years of experience, and the all-encompassing specialist know-how of our technicians and engineers, we can repair and rebuild any brand from any sector, or deal with professional inspection. 

We see ourselves as a provider of solutions for your industrial gearboxes. This includes comprehensive support, from maintenance to overhauling and starting up your drives. Our services include all the necessary measures for restoring your industrial gearboxes to their desired condition, and guaranteeing that the process functions smoothly. 

From systematic recording of damages to start-up, you can count on a reliable, professional service with BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG. You can reach us 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


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Gearbox maintenance, repair and service for all brands

Our services are not restricted to a certain selection of brands. Thanks to our many years of experience, and the all-encompassing specialist know-how of our technicians and engineers, we can repair and rebuild any brand from any sector, or deal with professional inspection. 

Typical areas of application within our gearbox service are:

  • Drive inspection on-site e.g. via video endoscope
  • Scheduled inspection of main and auxiliary drives
  • Dimension recording and situation analysis on-site to 
    improve the existing situation or develop spare items
  • Revision, installation and on-site commissioning
  • Damage analysis and addressing causes
  • Advice and support in the selection of standard drives

BRAUER employees are well trained for any kind of work orders on site, and well familiarised with the special features of nearly all sectors

For decades, we have been setting the pace in the efficient, and above all, safe execution of customer orders on site with our tool systems, tailor-made to suit current requirements - be it for short-term emergency inspections, or planned standstills for a complete revision of entire drive units.

Top quality gearbox overhauling by BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG

Be it gearboxes from the energy sector, the shipping sector, or the metal industry – in BRAUER, you will have an experienced partner for the overhauls of gearboxes from a wide variety of sectors. You can count on us for reliable overhauls, even if the documentation for the gearbox is incomplete or completely missing. Because thanks to the experience of our technicians and engineers, we can reconstruct all necessary gearbox components. We manufacture all the necessary components using the drawings made by us. You will then receive a gearbox that is as good as new, and will fit exactly in the system.

We can also store gearboxes on our premises, and deliver the overhauled product to you at your desired time.

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Some of the inspection services are:

  • Assessing the entire condition of the gearbox, taking into account the system situation 
  • Visual inspection of gearboxes and rolling/slide bearings using an inspection cover and by video endoscopy 
  • Inspection and of toothing contact patterns evaluation
  • Estimation of gearbox loads and determination of failure risk 
  • Inspection for leakages, analysis of causes and indication of possible remedial actions 
  • Inspection of running noises (using proven tools) 
  • Hot spot temperature analysis using infra-red camera 
  • Alignment check, and correction using laser alignment if necessary 

Regular gearbox inspections

Preventative maintenance measures are therefore not only important for keeping the costs for the life cycle of a system low, but also for preventing greater costs being incurred as the result of a total breakdown. Gearbox inspections can be carried out either on site or on our premises. This service point, we carry out as systematically as gearbox repair, and ensure that down times are kept as short as possible due to the inspection.



    • Inspection of gearbox lubrication, including filter inspection 
    • Oil analysis in accordance with customer's wishes (if necessary) 
    • Visual inspection for safety-relevant defects 
    • Final assessment with traffic light system, and recommended actions


    In the course of the inspection, we will check the condition of all the components of the gearbox, assess them and document our findings. Depending on the condition of the unit, we will give you recommended actions, it necessary we support with exchanging defective parts or manufacturing new parts.

    Fast help incase of gearbox emergencies

    BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG is here for you at any time. Whether you experience a gearbox emergency during the week, at the weekend or on a public holiday - our service employees will soon be with you to find the cause of the damage and keep the break in production as short as possible. 

    It does not matter whether the entire unit has broken down, or there is simply a suspected defect within the unit. Our service team will always be ready to help you, with the right equipment for your situation. Depending on the damage analysis, we carry out repairs on site straight away, perform emergency maintenance on our premises, or provide you replacement parts, so that the system will soon be ready for use again.

    Special gearboxes for individual requirements

    As well as gearbox overhauls, inspections and emergency services, we also provide manufacturing services for individual special gearboxes. These can involve both a reconstruction process for model series which are no longer available, and constructing a new gearbox which requires the same technical data and connection dimensions. 

    As with overhauling, we also manufacture special gearboxes regardless of brand, and do not need any documentation for the construction process. It goes without saying that you can definitely rely on BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG for manufacturing and construction in accordance with current standards.

    Integrated gearbox services by BRAUER

    From emergency on-site services to gearbox maintenance on our premises, from damage analysis to start-up – BRAUER Maschinentechnik AG can offer you a wide range of gearbox services which will ensure perfect system availability. 

    Choose our professional, flexible service for industrial gearboxes, and you will benefit from a high level of operational and process safety.